A user-friendly marketplace for providing jobs and training for construction industry in Europe
Train Me, Hire Me

As someone who does not have a technical background in information technology, it was essential for me and my business to engage with a company that would advise, support and leads us to the correct solutions to build our IT product.
Quadralyst helped us develop the brief and the functionality of the product and brought our concepts to life. They are highly efficient from a program perspective, are solution focussed, and their service is excellent. I would highly recommend them.
Brendan Moore
Founder Train Me Hire Me

Product Info

Brendan is developing a marketplace and online directory to showcase training and job opportunities within the construction industry in Europe.
To effectively meet the needs of its non-technical audience from the industry, it was crucial to make the platform intuitive and user-friendly.

The challenge

The project posed several challenges, including the need for a user-friendly interface that a non-technical audience could easily navigate.

The dynamic nature of the information required significant flexibility in data collection, organization, and display.

To accommodate the remote nature of the construction industry, it was necessary to provide mobile access to information through relevant user-based applications.

The client also needed a real-time chat for various users to communicate with each other, similar to WhatsApp.

Multiple devices to support

The users on the go needed mobile apps and the stockists preferred desktop application

Real-time chat

The users needed a real-time chat similar to popular chat apps like WhatsApp etc

User friendly user experience

The audience of the app was of non technical nature therefore the UI/UX had to be intuitive to use

Data privacy

The users were going to upload sensitive business data confidential for their business


The app manages sensitive data therefore security was a non negotiable requirement

Quadralyst services

Quadralyst advantage

Quadralyst successfully handled the technical challenges with the app that is supposed to run on multiple platforms.

We built a user-friendly interface for non-technical users, making information access effortless and convenient.

We also implemented dynamic data management capabilities, allowing for the flexible collection, organization, and display of information.

In the mobile app for remote users, we built a real-time chat functionality, mimicking the functionality of popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, enabling various users to communicate seamlessly.

End to end product consulting

We guided the product team to identify and address both business and technical challenges.

Rapid MVP development

We used our efficient and streamlined development processes to build a rapid MVP for faster idea validation

Full stack product development

We utilized cutting-edge technologies to build the complete product and launched it to success.

Regular product releases

We collaborated with the product team to formulate a roadmap and implemented a consistent schedule of product releases.

Long term support

We were there to handle the day-to-day issues faced by the app users to ensure smooth business operations for the client.


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