Expertise and experience are key to our exceptional tech

We're a team of tech enthusiasts who are passionate about making a difference in the digital world. We believe it's our mission to be a catalyst for your digital transformation success.


Meet the founders

The founders of Quadralyst bring over two decades of experience of successfully building innovative products for startups, leveraging their extensive knowledge and expertise to drive success for you and your ideas.


Gunjan Karun

NIT Bhopal, IIM Indore

Gunjan excels at identifying customer problems, creating MVPs,  competitor analysis, go-to-market strategy, cross-functional teamwork, data-driven decision-making and driving growth for clients.

Gunjan has over two decades of experience in building B2B and B2C products. Products built by his team are used by Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.


Madhulika Karun

MCM, DAVV Indore

Madhulika leads the design and digital marketing efforts at Quadralyst, bringing her expertise in user-centric design and strategic marketing to drive growth for our clients.

She specializes in planning the go-to-market strategy and branding for the products to effectively reach the target audience. 

Dream team makes impossible possible

Our team of specialists developers and designers are committed to delivering exceptional results for you through our use of cutting-edge technology, industry best practices and unparalleled understanding of the startup ecosystem.


Meet the experts

At Quadralyst, we have a group of experienced and highly-skilled professionals who possess the unique ability to work on a diverse range of products.

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring that technology is never a limitation in the development process.

Milestone focused mindset

Our milestone-focused mindset, ensures that every step of the development process is geared towards achieving specific, measurable goals for you


Our team has a wealth of experience in bringing product ideas to life, having worked on numerous successful projects in the past.


With expertise in areas such as product design, development, and launch, we have the skills and knowledge to bring even the most complex ideas to life.


Quadralyst's team is highly agile, able to adapt to changing requirements and pivot quickly based on your business needs to ensure your success.


We are proud of our excellent communication skills, which are key to ensuring a smooth and successful product development and launch.


With a focus on innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, our team is well equipped to bring creative and unique ideas to life

100% commitment to your success

We are committed to ensuring your success by providing a tailored and dedicated approach to meet your unique needs and goals for your product.

Our services

A Quadralyst we are committed to providing all the technological expertise that you need to succeed with your product idea. What are you looking out for?

Product development

We specialize in creating multi-platform products and MVPs using the most current technology and two decades of experience to bring your ideas to market faster and validate them efficiently

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Hire a developer

We specialize in building dedicated remote teams of developers and designers for startups, with the convenience of an in-house team without the added overhead and hassles

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Website & digital marketing

Let us build a beautiful website for you and then promote it to reach your target audience through the best practices of digital marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing

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