Handling thousands of concurrent users for a gaming app
Party Tambola

Quadralyst helped us turn our vision of a digital Tambola/Housie app into a reality. Their team of experts not only delivered a top-notch product but also provided valuable insights on how to make it better. We highly recommend Quadralyst to anyone whose business depends on their app.
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Product Info

Party Tambola is designed to be an app for acquiring, engaging, and connecting with users for influencers, small teams, family gatherings, and small businesses using the traditional Indian party game Tambola or Housie.
Party Tambola is a high-usage gaming app for both Android and iOS with 100K active users and hundreds of games organized daily.

The challenge

As a high-usage app, Party Tambola had to handle a significant amount of user traffic, with a large number of active users and hundreds of games organized daily.

The key technical challenges included scalability, security, performance, and being able to run on both Android and iOS.

We had to ensure the app could handle the high volume of users and games, maintain the platform's stability and security, efficiently sync data and user information across thousands of devices, and continue to function smoothly even during peak usage periods.

Multiple platforms to support

The game organizers wanted to invite players with both Android and Apple devices for the same game


The app needed to be able to handle a high volume of users and games simultaneously without any downtime

Concurrent access

With so many users accessing the app at the same time, the app had to handle concurrent access to ensure that all users are able to participate in games without interruption


Since many organizers offered gifts and money as rewards, the app needed to be extra secure to protect their information and rules.

Quadralyst services

Quadralyst advantage

Quadralyst was able to successfully handle the technical challenges that arose with the high usage of the Party Tambola app.

We implemented efficient systems for handling a large number of active users and daily organized games. We also optimized the app's performance to ensure smooth running of the games, even during peak usage.

To handle the sensitive nature of the product, we also implemented robust security measures to protect user data and prevent any potential breaches.

Through our expertise and dedication, we were able to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for all Party Tambola app users.

End to end product consulting

We guided the product team to identify and address both business and technical challenges.

Rapid MVP development

We used our efficient and streamlined development processes to build a rapid MVP for faster idea validation

Full stack product development

We utilized cutting-edge technologies to build the complete product and launched it to success.

Product promotions

Take comfort in 6 months included support with a dedicated support forum

Regular product releases

We collaborated with the product team to formulate a roadmap and implemented a consistent schedule of product releases.

Long term support

We were there to handle the day-to-day issues faced by the app users to ensure smooth business operations for the client.

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