How we work

Following are our steps:


We sign a Non-Disclosure
Agreement or NDA


Share the product details (Idea, wireframes, screens etc). This can involve a few rounds of discussions to make sure that we understand the requirements and parameters of success for your product.


We will share a ballpark estimate and rough breakup of efforts and our suggestions on metrics to measure the success of your product and how to achieve them


Then we create mockups of a few key screens and get it confirmed by you and finalize the scope of work.


We prepare a full blown estimate with a detailed breakdown of each feature, list of milestones, sprints and so on.We always tell you how many hours it will take to build the system so that you can compare our estimate with that from other development teams


We work on the first trial phase. If you are not happy with the work, we refund the full payment for the trial period back to you. We bear all the expenses for bank processing fees and charges.


We start working based on agreed upon terms


We schedule daily stand-ups (or updates on emails/ Skype/ Whatapp) and weekly reports to keep you updated on the progress


Final deployment is followed by 30 days of priority support


Post deployment we initiate the launch and digital promotion activities


We also setup the customer support and ticket management system to provide long term support to your users.


Finally we work with you to create a product road map and work on new versions of the product (Start at step2)